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Beaky is the main developer of the WACS web-based adult content server package, a free software product released under the GNU General Public License which runs under the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) environment.

WACS provides a fully featured web image set and video clip management solution tailored to the special needs of adult content. To find out more, please visit the sourceforge.net web site at:
I'm also putting together repositories to allow you to incorporate WACS into your Linux Distribution's automatic updater - take a look at our repos section for more details.
Commercial support offerings and custom programming services related to WACS are available from Bevtec Communications Ltd who are currently developing a commercial CRM (Customer Relationship Management) add on package for WACS. It is expected to be available soon.
8 January 2017: Last year saw the release of WACS 0.9.2, a major update with many new features, particularly in the area of video handling. The PHP version was due to follow shortly thereafter but a re-write of all the dynamic content parts to use jQuery instead of X/AJAX has taken longer than expected. We still hope to release Wacs-php for 0.9.2 soon.

7 June 2013: I've found what was screwing up the PHP sub-system and I think I've fixed it. Just need to find a little time to build the new release candidate and run it through the regression tests. I've also created an Ubuntu repo to allow automatic updating of a WACS installation to the latest release. Give it a try - it's in the repos directory of this server (click here).

28 May 2013: WACS 0.9.1 was finally released on Saturday May 26th and so far that's only the perl version. There are still gremlins to be resolved in the PHP version which will hopefully be out shortly. We'll have to see how long it takes to get those sorted out - hopefully not too long now it has our undivided attention. We've already started the code tree for the next release, provisionally entitled Wacs 0.9.2 and really hope that won't be as long coming as 0.9.1 was. Can't say much about that release yet because we haven't been through the job list and decided what will go in their yet. It may well be the last release of the 0.9.x series and pave the way for what we will finally call Wacs 1.0. We shall see.

3 Dec 2012: WACS 0.9.1 is coming on well - it doesn't look much different but there have been huge changes under the covers on how content delivery is handled. It should prove to be significantly faster for most users.

25 Apr 2012: WACS 0.9.0 has finally been released. It's been a VERY long time coming with all the preparatory releases paving the way to this point. Basically the design work on the features in this release has been going on for THREE YEARS now. You just can't begin to imagine how glad I am to have that transition behind me. I'm exhausted and going to sleep now.

10 Jan 2012: OK, I've been silent for a while - sorry about that. WACS 0.9.0 is definitely taking shape. The new database-hosted attribute mechanism is in place and working. Trying to sort out the interlinking of related sets - I've got the two new API calls written and have updated genvideo and wacsindex to use and understand them. As of now the code in SVN pretty much works for videos, but isn't there for stills yet. Hopefully today I'll get a chance to add that code.

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