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Ubuntu Packages - Wacs Stable Releases

To make use of these, you need to create a file in your /etc/apt/sources.list.d - we suggest calling it beaky.list - and it needs to contain the following line:
deb http://www.beaky.name/repos/ubuntu wacs-stable extra
You will then need to download my public key with which the repository is signed - wacs-stable.key - save it onto your Ubuntu box and do:
apt-key add wacs-stable.key
You then need to run apt-get update to fetch the list of packages from this new repo into your packages database and apt-get install wacs to install if they're not already on your system. If you want the PHP5 support too, include wacs-php as well. If they're already there, they'll just get updated to the latest stable version of Wacs.

Fedora Packages - Wacs Stable Releases

Coming Soon....

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